About RYB


  • RYB Logistics is a modern company with one primary goal: to become your trustworthy business partner. The company is based on knowledge and many years of work experiences in the field of shipping and logistic services. We are motivated and fully focused on every shipment and every partner. We want to adapt to our partners demands and offer them best solutions, so because of that we are constantly developing and improving company business and process functions.
  • As we know in the world of logistics that time is very important, we guarantee instant accessibility and responsiveness. We manage our business processes in that way that no delays are accepted.
  • We have excellent business relationships with shipping lines and airlines as well as with custom authorities which helps us doing our business in a professional manner and without any delays. As we are committed to quality we choose our partners in transportation of goods very carefully with high level of confidence.
  • RYB Logistics offers you reliable logistic solutions in a professional manner so we can meet your demands and ensure you the optimal way of transportation of your goods to its final destination. We find the most efficient shipping methods, including road, rail, sea or air transport, no matter of what cargo we are dealing with.


  • Air freight
  • Sea freight
  • Inland transport:
    – Project transport
    – Ro-Ro cargo transport
    – Reefer cargo transport
  • Raiway transport
  • Custom clearance
  • Warehousing


We are a professional company and thoughtful

With the motto “We care smoothly your every shipment!” We are committed to giving your business the best service and the fastest transit times. We provide complete and comprehensive services and best solutions in the field of logistics.

Honest And Dependable

With each order of customers we serve our customers with the heart should RYB always a reliable choice for customers!

Quality Commitment

RYB set of qualified personnel on the international market, a thorough understanding of business, law, culture and business practices of the country. RYB Logistics is committed to the quality of its services to satisfy customer requirements to the maximum extent.

We Are Always Improving

We have international clients like Interwood, Magnussen Logistics, World Wide Logistics, Chaki Corporation, Return Gold, Sitcom, Hamilton … Therefore we are always improving our service quality to meet the customer demand at home and abroad.

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RYB Logistics is a great choice for you!